Sphynx Cat Colors & Patterns

Sphynx cats are just a mutated version of the regular housecat — just without fur! As all Domestic cats, the Spyhnx can have any color in the rainbow when it comes to cat coat colors, but it is the skin and fine hairs on their bodes that are pigmented with color. The skin color on a Sphynx would be slightly dierent than the actual fur color. An example would be a black Sphynx….it’s skin would be pigmented a dark gray, with the fur being an actual solid dark black. Some people mistake a Black Sphynx as a grey one for this reason!

Patterns are how a cat is marked. The dictates point color, tabby markings, calico and tortie coloration etc. We will get into this later. For now let’s talk about colors.

The most common colors are are solid colors or patterns with white in certain areas.

A solid White Sphynx is also called a “Pink” or “Cream” colored cat due to absence of pigmentation.

Here is a picture of a Black Sphynx. Notice there are no markings of any sort and no white is present.
Blue Sphynx Cats can also be mistaken as Grey. Here is a Blue Sphynx.
A Grey Sphynx Cat is not a dilute color like the Blue. Here is a Grey with White Markings Sphynx.
Here is a Kitten that is White with Red Tabby Markings in what is called a Harlequin Pattern.
Lilac is also a Dilute of Orange or Red, and is displayed in this kitten as a Harlequin Pattern. Hard to see the dierent between this one and the White with Red Tabby Markings Harlequin right?
Cats with Pointed Coloring is a pattern where the Color is on the Ears, Nose, Feet and Tail. This particular Cat is a Flame Point with Red or Orange color on the points of the cat, and the body being a “cream” color.
Here is a Blue Point Sphynx
A Calico is a cat with 3 colors, the colors are black, white and orange, or a dilution of those, with black being Blue, and Orange being a Buff or Light Orange. Here is a typical Calico Sphynx
Here is a Dilute Calico this kitten has minimum markings, with color on face, ears and tail.
Tortie colored cats are a base coat or black or blue (dilute) ticked with orange (buff for dilute) and white and//or patches of orange or white (dilute buff or white). Here is a classic Black Tortie
Here is a Dilute Tortie
Here are pictures of black and white kittens with dierent patterns. This one is a harlequin
This is a Black & White Bicolor Sphynx
Blue & White Bicolor kittens just look amazing!
This is a beautiful example of a Blue & White Harlequin
Blue & White Bicolor kittens just look amazing!
Here is another tabby that has a Harlequin Pattern

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