About Maine Coons

The Maine Coon is one of the most popular cat breeds. Regardless of size, they also stand out as cats with a strong personality, which creates a strong bond with their owners. 

The Maine Coon is a breed endemic to the United States of America, specifically the state of Maine. It is estimated that in around 1850, long haired cats came from Europe and Asia which then mated with local short hair cats. The results were large cats with thick fur and a strong build. It’s ringtail resembles that of the raccoon, the shortened term being added to its place of origin to provide their breed name. 

This breed was popular in rural environments and became widespread on farms in the northeast of America. They were imported to the UK in 1980 and in 1982 were recognized as a pure-bred cat.  

About Maine Coons - Maine Coon Kittens | Maine Coon Breeders | Maine Coon Cat

It’s currently considered one of the most popular in the world. With a square head, large ears and a long tail, its body structure is robust. 

Thanks to solid bones and a strong musculature, males usually have the most muscular and strong neck. Generally, both females and males have large legs and a long fluffy tail with pointed ears with Tufts of hair at the tip are also very noticeable in the breed and give them a similar appearance. 

Finally, we highlight their large eyes which could be of any color. Their fur should be dense in the back as well as the chest and belly but shorter in the head shoulders and legs. It is Silky to the touch and has an undercoat. This is a dense, thick layer which helps protect them against cold climate. 

We can Define the character of the Maine coon as friendly, playful, and sweet. In general, these are very sociable cats who enjoy the company of their owners. 

When they’re older, cats will love to play and have fun during all times with life. Maine Coons are considered extremely intelligent felines capable of recognizing different words and even commands. 

They’re also fond of water and snow, which is unusual for most other cats. Being the owner of a Maine Coon is recommended only for dynamic families who are already familiar with cats. These families may or may not include children. 

It’s a very adaptable feline which will enjoy different environments. However, it is particularly good for rural areas or places with a garden as it likes to explore and exercise its instincts without limits. It is usually a docile cat which does not present with behavioral problems. 

About Maine Coons - Maine Coon Kittens | Maine Coon Breeders | Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Care

Taking care of a Maine Coon cat is relatively simple, although it can be somewhat expensive mainly due to its large size. We refer specifically to its diet which should be based on high quality products which can include homemade and raw food. Choosing a nutritious product will have an impact on their health, well-being, and lustrous coat. 

It is recommended to adequately ration their food in two or three daily doses, so they do not get overweight. They will, like all cats, devote long hours to their personal grooming. They will need some extra brushing at least a few times a week to maintain their long coats. This routine will help get rid of dead hair and keep their fur clean and beautiful. It will also help to detect any skin problems. 

Since the cats clean themselves, we shouldn’t need to bathe them in principle, however if you get them used to bathing from when they’re young, you can provide a monthly bath if they need it. Ensure you use specialized shampoo and conditioner for cats to maintain their shiny coat. So they can engage in the natural behavior of their species, we need to provide them with a large enough litter box to meet their needs. 

Exercise Requirements
About Maine Coons - Maine Coon Kittens | Maine Coon Breeders | Maine Coon Cat

They will also need several scratching posts to fulfill their natural nail sharpening needs. Finally, it will be important to pay attention to their environmental enrichment. 

This means distraction through their home and could include catwalks, wall bracket climbing furniture, catnip, water fountains and canvas tunnels. 

Due to their playful nature, Maine Coon cats will need to be played with by an attentive owner. We can use fishing rod style toys, food dispenser toys, catnip or even pieces of string. 

Don’t forget that a healthy playtime should last at least 20 to 40 minutes per day.  Putting time into the care and well-being of your Maine Coon will result in an intense bond and fulfilling relationship.