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Should I get a Kitten?

Getting a new Maine Coon kitten is an exciting decision. Before filling out an application, ask yourself if you will have the time to take care of a new companion. Do you have the financial resources to cover veterinary care and premium food?  Consider other household members and if they may have allergies or any other issues that could create challenges when introducing a kitten to a dog or cat. Other pets should be considered, especially if they may have aggressive personalities.  If you have the time, resources, and patience for a new pet then a kitten may be a great addition to your home. How to find Maine Coon kittens near me will help you find a reputable breeder and begin your path to Maine Coon ownership.

Other Considerations

Before taking the next step consider who will take care of your kitten when you are away for vacations or if you travel for work.  Looking into options for local pet sitters or boarding facilities ahead of time is important. During the holidays it may be challenging to find a pet sitter if you have not gotten on their schedule in advance.

While our kittens are litterbox trained, litter can be messy.  Place the litterbox in an easy-to-clean area. You may need a deeper litterbox if you notice an excess of litter on the floor or stuck to your pet.  A walk-in litterbox or one with a covered pan are other options you may consider. If you have more than one cat be sure to have additional litter boxes available.

Veterinary care is necessary for routine vaccinations and checkups, as well as if your pet experiences any health issues. Making sure you find a local veterinarian who specializes in companion animals is another important step before bringing your new pet home. Choosing the right veterinarian for your Maine Coon kitten is an important decision.

Kittens are much like toddlers. They are curious, full of energy, and love to explore. Kittens also enjoy scratching and climbing. They are very busy and can be highly active at night. 

Preparing Your Home

Before bringing your kitten home remove toxic plants, and fragile items and properly store electrical cords. Make sure your new pet has plenty of toys, a scratching post, nail clippers, hypo-alginic shampoo, Q-tips, a litterbox, bedding, and a cat tree. If you purchase a Sphynx kitten be sure they have access to a heating pad.  Make sure they have a large enough area to get plenty of exercise.  They should have access to fresh water at all times and receive high-quality food. 

Forever is a Long Time

A new pet is a lifetime commitment. Kittens are unique individuals that have complex personalities. Be patient as they adjust to their new environment. Give them plenty of love, patience, and affection. You will find they will reciprocate your affection and be loving, lifelong companions. 

If you feel equipped to open your home then filling out an application may be the next step for you. 

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