Frequently Asked Questions

We will provide a one (1) year genetic health guarantee. Should the kitten expire within the first (1st) year of ownership by Buyer DUE TO A GENETIC DEFECT PASSED DOWN TO THE KITTEN BY A PARENT OF THE KITTEN, Breeder shall replace the Kitten with a replacement kitten under the following conditions:

The genetic defects and life-threatening diseases for which the Kitten shall be replaced upon strict compliance by Buyer with the terms of this guarantee are genetic defects and life-threatening diseases afflicting the Kitten’s Kidney, Heart, Pancreas, Spine and Liver conditions. All kittens will have been examined by our veterinarian and have a negative fecal check, and a negative combo test. Your kitten will also be current on age appropriate vaccinations, dewromings and flea prevention. A complete Medical Synopsis will be provided in your adoption packet. All kittens and their owners will receive lifetime advice and support from us, Savvy Cats!

While the Sphynx is considered a hairless breed, these cats do not entirely lack hair. Most Sphynx skin is covered with a fine down, giving the cat a suede-like feel. Light hair is typically visible on the backs of the ears and the nose. But there are 5 Sphynx coat types!

5 Coat Types for a Sphynx

Remember, a Sphynx’s coat type can change over time. We do not guarantee a certain coat type on any of our kittens due to this reason.

Guess what? Most Sphynx are not completely bald! Below are 5 coat types known to a Sphynx cat:

Sticky Bald

These cats can be hard to stroke due to their “rubbery” feel. They have little to no hair at all!


The most common coat type, where they have a fine coat. They are soft and smooth to the touch. The skin will fell silky smooth. The little hair they do have is most times barely visible to the naked eye.


Created by short stubble, this coat appears naked at first glance, but once you pet them and get a closer look, you will see a very fine stubble.

Point Fuzz

This coat type has a downy fuzz on a cats “points”…..the face, feet and tail. The rest of the body can appear hairless.

Devon-ish Coat

Occasionally we will have kittens with a very soft undercoat of fur, similar to a Devon Rex, but not quite as long. To me personally, this is the best feeling coat type. This coat type requires very little bathing, and is not prone to leaving oil stains like the other coat types.

Sphynx may be a good choice for someone with cat allergies. These cats are not hypoallergenic, but some people find that they are not allergic to them. Others find that they are allergic to the breed but to a lesser extent.

Our cats love us and are happy to run up and greet strangers. They act more like a dog than a cat. We also say they are like monkeys….don’t turn your back as they will jump on your shoulder to give loves and get attention!

So yes, as we discussed earlier, they have little to no hair. Therefore, keeping your home at 73 degrees is a must. Also, a couple of places in the home will need to have a heated cat bet so they can warm up as needed.

So while your kitten is young, we recommend bathing often, 3 times a week, so that your kitten will get used to a bath. If you wait too long, your kitten will “forget” what it was like to get a bath, and it will be like Ground Hog Day, starting over each time. We recommend bathing with a hypoallergenic baby shampoo.

Does a deposit reserve my kitten? Yes. We require a $250 deposit to hold your kitten until you are ready for pick up. The deposit Does count towards purchase price. Deposits are nonrefundable, unless a kitten is unfit for adoption. YOU MUST FIRST FILL OUT THE RESERVATION FORM ON OUR WEBSITE BEFORE WE CAN ACCEPT A DEPOSIT. We ONLY take deposits when a kitten is listed on our FB page as Available for adoption. We do not keep a waiting list. We accept Venmo, CashApp, Zelle and PayPal.

Our Sphynx cats are not registered. Our Maine Coons are registered and breeding rights are $1000 extra.

Yes our kittens are litterbox trained before they leave! Accidents can still occur though, that is why we recommend you read our New Kitten Protocol.pdf info sheet.

Yes, our kittens are still young and can easily acclimate to a home with kids and other dogs/cats. To make the transition safe for the kitten an other pets, please read our Quarantine Guidelines.pdf

We feed our kittens 3 types of food: Dry Kitten food which is left out all day for them to munch on. Boiled chicken which is fed in the mornings. Wet food which is given in the evenings. These little kitties eat more than you think! So make sure food is available at all times. Some kittens will also require more chicken or wet food as a midday meal!

We have seen that the kitties do better is there is another pet in the home they can play and snuggle with.

Per our contract, it is your responsibility to make sure the kitten is healthy. You have 48hrs to have your kitten checked by your vet. It is best to make an appt with your vet before you receive your kitten.

It is a very stressful event for a young and fragile kitten to go to a new home. Stress can cause diarrhea. Please follow the information and steps in our New Kitten Protocol.pdf and feel free to contact us with an update.