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Here are the frequently asked questions about our cattery, cats and processes.

Getting A Kitten

We will provide a 2 year genetic. Should the kitten expire within the time of ownership by buyer due to a genetic defect passed down to the kitten by a parent of the kitten, breeder shall replace the kitten with a replacement kitten under the following conditions:

The genetic defects and life-threatening diseases for which the kitten shall be replaced upon strict compliance by buyer with the terms of this guarantee are genetic defects and life-threatening diseases afflicting the kitten’s kidney, heart, pancreas, spine and liver conditions.

All kittens will be examined by our veterinarian. Additionally, 1 kitten from the litter will have a negative fecal check and a negative combo test. It is standard protocol for only 1 kitten to be tested in a litter for parasites and FIV/Leukemia test, as if 1 tests positive or negative, they all will test positive or negative. Your kitten will also be current on ago-appropriate vaccinations, deworming’s and flea prevention. A complete medical synopsis will be provided in your adoption packet.

All kittens and their owners will receive lifetime advice and support from us, Savvy Cats!

Yes, we require a $250 deposit to hold your kitten until you are ready to pick up. The deposit does count towards purchase price. Deposits are non-refundable unless a kitten is unfit for adoption. YOU MUST FIRST FILL OUT A CONTRACT WHICH WE WILL SEND YOU VIA DOCUSIGN BEFORE WE CAN ACCEPT A DEPOSIT. We ONLY take deposits when a kitten is listed on our website or FB page as available for adoption. We accept Venmo, CashApp, Zelle and PayPal for deposit. CASH referred at time of pick up.

We sell all kittens on a spay/neuter contract. You will be required by the contract to spay or neuter your kitten at 6 months of age. Proof of surgery will need to be provided to Savvy Cats Cattery within 2 weeks of surgery. This is your responsibility to provide proof, not your veterinarians. We will be sending a separate contract via Spay Secure to ensure spay/neuter compliance.

Yes, our kittens are litterbox trained before they leave! Accidents can still occur though, that is why we recommend you read our New Kitten Protocol info sheet.

Yes, our kittens are still young and can easily acclimate to a home with kids and other dogs/cat. To make the transition safe for the kitten and other pets, please read our Quarantine Guidelines.

We feed our kittens 3 types of food: dry kitten food which is left out all day for them to munch on. Boiled chicken which is fed in the afternoons. Wet food which is given in the morning and evening. These little kitties eat more than you think! So, make sure food is available at all times. Some kittens will also require more chicken or wet food as a midday meal!

Per our contract, it is your responsibility to make sure the kitten is healthy. You have 3 days to have your kitten checked by your vet. It is best to make an appt with your vet before your receive your kitten.

It is a very stressful event for a young and fragile kitten to go to a new home. Stress can cause diarrhea. Please take your kitten to the vet and follow the information and step in our New Kitten Protocol and feel free to contact us with an update.

We use a company called SpaySecure to protect your kitten’s health and
hormones and let them grow to a healthy age before spay/neuter.
SpaySecure uses binding contracts to ensure cat sterilization at a healthy
age. They’ll follow up with you to provide advice and reminders, ensuring
your kitten gets spayed or neutered safely. Please visit their website here for
more information.

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