Savvy Cats offers an exclusive opportunity to choose the first pick from a litter before other applicants.  To reserve a spot on the VIP Client List, first fill out the kitten application form, once approved you may reserve your spot by paying a $500 VIP Client List fee. The first three approved applicants with paid fees will be placed in numerical order.  When we have an available litter of kittens the first person will be contacted and given 48 hours to choose their kitten.  The next two VIP Clients will be contacted chronologically and given 48 hours to make their selection.  

Other Priority Buyers: If you are interested in siblings or are a returning client, you will be given priority after our VIP Client List.  We will send an email notification to let you know once we have kittens available before our general applicant pool is contacted.


Available Kittens

Let’s Find Your New Family Member!

So, what is included in a kitten adoption anyway?

  • 2 Year Health Guarantee
  • Health Check by Licensed Veterinarian
  • Medical Synopsis with Up to Date Vaccinations, De-worming and Flea Prevention
  • Breed Registration papers
  • Kitten Supplies list Handout- So you can make sure everything is ready before you bring home your new baby
  • Microchip & Registration
  • New Kitten Protocol Info sheet – Make the transition into your household as positive and stress free as possible for kitten, you and your other pets
  • Quarantine Info sheet- This helps keep your new kitten and other pets safe!
  • Fleece Blanket & Collar/Toy
  • Lifetime kitten support from us!


Our fees are $2500 for Maine Coon kittens (includes registration papers). Call to Discuss Breeding Rights.
A $500 deposit is required to reserve a kitten, and deposit does count towards
purchase price. We accept Venmo, Zelle & CashApp

Health Guarantee

We stand behind the health of our kittens. We will provide a 2 year genetic health guarantee. Should the kitten expire within the time of
ownership by Buyer due to a genetic defect passed down to the kitten by their either of their parents, Breeder shall replace the Kitten with a replacement kitten.


By purchasing a kitten from a SpaySecure member breeder, you are supporting
responsible pet ownership and a commitment to the long-term health and
well-being of your kitten.
With SpaySecure, kittens are able to be sent home for age-appropriate spay and
neuter. SpaySecure allows the cat
owner to delay the spay/neuter surgery until a later agreed upon date, which
effectively prevents health risks associated with early spay/neuter and unqualified, unplanned breeding.