These kitties make wonderful companions and are sure to liven up your household.

Owning a Sphynx or a Maine Coon is just what you’ve been missing. But know this, these cats are like potato chips, one is not enough and you will be ready for your second sooner than you think!

Our fees range from $1500 to $2000 for Sphynx, Elf & Bambino kittens.

Our fees range from $2500 to $3500 for Maine Coon kittens (includes registration papers, breeding rights $1000 extra.)

A $250 deposit is required to reserve a kitten, and deposit does count towards purchase price.

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What is included in a kitten adoption ?

2 Year Congenital Health Guarantee

Health Check by licensed Veterinarian

ALL Adults DNA Tested for HCM and NEGATIVE!

Lifetime kitten support from us!

Kitten Supplies list Handout- So you can make sure everything is ready before you bring home your new baby.

Medical Synopsis with Up to Date Vaccinations, De-worming and Flea Prevention

Quarantine Info sheet- This helps keep your new kitten and other pets safe!

Breed Registration papers (Maine Coons only)

kitten pick up options

We would love for you to come to us and pick up your kitten in person.

We are in Griffin, Ga. Out of state? If you choose to drive to us, but need someone to meet you part way, we charge $1.50 per mile 1 way to meet you. We are only able to meet within a 3 hour radius from our home. Want to fly with your kitten?

Most airlines will allow your kitten to fly with you in cabin for a small fee. We can meet you at the airport no problem, for a $45 fee. A flight nanny is also available, with a nanny flying with your kitten to your closest airport $800. At this time we do not offer flying a kitten in cargo, or the use of a ground
transportation service.

begin the kitten reservation process

Filling out this form begins the reservation process.

Once we receive this form, we will contact you to answer any questions and send you informational .pdf files about Bringing home a new kitten, Quarantine & FAQ etc. Once you read over everything, if you want to move forward with the reservation let us know and we will move forward with collecting the deposit.

    Are you able to pick up your kitten in Griffin, Ga?


    Do you plan to keep cat strictly indoors?


    Does anyone in your household have allergies to cats?


    Do you agree to return kitten to us if you are no longer able to provide a home for it?


    Are you looking to adopt a Maine Coon or a Sphynx?

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